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How to Join Our Servers

Joining our ARK: Survival Evolved servers is easy. Just follow the steps below to get in the game!

   From the ARK Main Menu, go to "Join ARK", then on the server browser, change the "Sessions Filter" in the bottom left corner to "Unofficial PC Sessions". Then, in the "Name Filter" search bar at the top, search for "!CultoftheARK" (no spaces). Our server names will start with "!CultoftheARK.com - " with the designation of each specific map being after our website URL.
   If you first need to find our servers, see "How to Find Our Servers" first. To favorite our servers for easier access the next time you wish to join, simply select one or all of our servers then press the "Favorite" button towards the bottom right of the server browser. Then, when you wish to rejoin the server again, simply change the "Sessions Filter" in the bottom left of the server browser to "Favorites" and choose the server you want to join.
   This is pretty straight forward, once you have found one of our servers you wish to join, simply select it, and press join in the server browser! You will then be connect to our servers. To learn how to rejoin our servers easier, see "How to Favorite Our Servers".

How To Join & Use Our Discord

These tips and info on how to join and use our Discord will primarily be for the Mobile app, however using Discord on the PC app is fundamentally similar.

   Before joining our Discord, you must download the app via your Phone's App Store, or if you're on PC, from Discord's website.
Next, once in the app, open the sidebar:
Then navigate to the + and then select "Join a Server":
This will then prompt you to enter the instant invite code.:
Our invite link is https://discord.gg/zE8p8gg
   Navigating the channels within our Discord server is simple! Simply select the channel you wish to view. Our channels are organized by categories which are collapsible when you toggle them.
Channel categories are in blue, and channels are in cyan:
   Knowing how to set the proper notification settings that are right for you can be the difference between waking up to your phone at 3 am or sleeping soundly.
You can choose to have all messages give a notification, messages that only @mention/@tag you, or none at all. To do this, select the channel name on mobile:

Then select Notification Settings:

And select your preferred setting:

These notification settings are per-channel only. If you wish to change them for the entire Discord server, or you are on PC, you can do that by selecting the server name and navigating to the notification settings:
   Tagging members or @mentioning them as it's called in Discord is a way to highlight a message for a user that has their username mentioned in the message. You can do this for individual members or for a group of members that have a specific rank/role.
The easiest way to do this is by starting with @ and then begin typing their name. Once discord prompts you to with members associated with your typed characters, you can then select the desired user to auto-complete their full username:
If the person you are trying to mention does not appear in the suggested users by Discord, you can always press and hold on a message sent by that user and then select the "Mention" option provided. On PC, you would right click their name.

How To Use the Store

These guides should help you with the basics of navigating the Store.

   Making sure you select the appropriate currency when browsing the store is important so that you do not encounter any errors or having items saying "Currently Unavailable". Ensuring you're using the correct currency is simple. Our store has two "categories" per say. One section that uses COTA Credits (CRD), and two sections that use real-world currencies.
   If you wish to browse items in the "In-Server Store" section, be sure you have your prices shown in CRD.
   If you wish to browse items in the "Support Our Community" or "Ascendant Status Passes" section, please ensure you have your prices shown in your local currency.
   If you do not see your local currency listed, select "USD" to show prices in USD. Upon checkout, the conversion rate for your local currency to USD will be applied to your purchase for that day, as our payment gateways will automatically charge the appropriate amount of your currency for the price in USD.

To change the currency, simple find the block below the Gift Cards section, depicted here in the image:

If you are on mobile, you may have to scroll down towards the bottom of the page. It can vary slightly depending on your phone however. If you are on PC, it should be on the right sidebar.
All the ways to earn COTA Credits are here on this forum post.
All In-Server items from the In-Server Store are delivered to the user in game within 24-72 hours after we receive your order. A Staff member will contact you either via the Community Hub Messages system, or via Discord to coordinate a delivery time.
If you still need help with the store, or experience any issues, please contact Kuma via Discord or the Community Hub.

Server Info & Settings

Where to find Info on Our Servers and Server Settings:

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